If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody with me.


Atardecer | by Joel Sossa.

Trolltunga | by Opplev Odda | Website.



in which the movie spiderman accurately represents comic book spiderman in sarcasm levels.

I lost my shit when he did this

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That was one of Steve’s biggest sources of guilt, the fact that out of his whole crew of Howling Commandos, the ones that he convinced to come to battle with him, he’s the one guy that didn’t make it back, and that was the one guy that was always there for him. And then to find out that he did make it, and was subject to some of the things that he was subject to, that’s a lot for Steve to process and he takes full responsibility because he wouldn’t do it any other way." - Chris Evans

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I aspire to BE THIS

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The initial bidding for The Word of God

sometimes supernatural is sad

and then sometimes stuff like this happens

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